Stay Motivated: 4 Quick Tips for Keeping at it


I’m working now, which means I go days without writing. Sure, I want to. But by the time I put in a full day of work, go to the gym, help cook and/or clean the kitchen, take a shower, and sit down, it’s usually 8:30 and I already want to go to sleep.

Today is Saturday, my day off. All week I’ve told myself “now on Saturday you’re going to write all day. Really catch up to what you’ve missed.” I’ve put in maybe an hour and a half total. And I’ve come up with 1,600 words. Which, as I’m finding, it’s a lot easier to crank out new words than rewrite old chapters.

So what’s the deal? Why was I able to completely school my writer friend on our first word sprint and now I’m just puttering along? (Still waiting on that rematch Ashley.)

Motivation. It’s hard. I’ve worked on this story for like a year already. It’s getting to that wall where I’m just like enough already. But it’s not enough. It’s just past halfway on the second revision. There is still a lot of work to be done.

I’m assuming I’m not alone. I’m assuming others out there hit a wall as well. And there’s no magic trick. You literally just have to keep at it. What am I doing towards it?

1. Write in 30 minute increments, then take a 20 minute-or-so break.

2. When you break, completely unplug from writer mode. Playing video games helps because it forces your attention elsewhere.

3. Daily frustrations add to writing frustrations. Staying calm and not letting the anxiety and doubt of it all crush you is paramount.

4. It’s okay to not write right this moment. If you’re just not feeling it clear your head. Everyone has off days. Michael Phelps probably had days where he *only* swam 20 miles in two minutes, or whatever ridiculous swim times he had were. Sorry, I’m not a big sports guy.

Know when to walk away. But also don’t give up. This is a job. Even if you love your job you have tough and/or bad days at work. And for myself and many others, it’s basically a part-time job that doesn’t pay. But think of it as an investment in yourself. You get this done and then you go on to the next. And then the next. And suddenly people are reading your work.

Get to the end. Don’t give up. But don’t be afraid to take small steps some days.


Chapter 7 of The Autumn Mage


Chapter 7 is now on Wattpad! It’s another short chapter, and we’ll get back into the main story in the next one. Please enjoy, and as always if you like it, please show your friends! Give it a “Like”. Give it a share/reblog/what have you. And if you maybe don’t like it so much, give some constructive feedback. It’s my first story that will be edited later with a for real release¬†later this year.