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I’m completely out of gigs to work on for this week. But that’s great news for you, because that means I can tackle your project immediately!

I do academic research papers, creative writing proofing and editing, and offer professional business writing services. I have researched and typed several senior-level academic papers this week and I have also recently rewritten content pages and training tutorials.

For a full list of services and pricing please visit www.writenowfl.com. And if you’re unsure about hiring a freelancer see what my current clients have to say about me here.

You won’t find a writer who works harder for you. I don’t stop until you’re fully satisfied and I am very fair with my time. Send me a request today and let’s get your project done!




4 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

Over the last few years freelancing has exploded into a huge market. But many people, maybe even yourself, are still skeptical about the merits of hiring out their work to a stranger. And that it understandable; for every good freelancer experience there’s a few not so great ones out there. But as a quality freelancer myself I’m going to give you some reasons why you should try my services.

Time Management

Sometimes your boss just piles on too much onto your plate. You keep looking back and forth from your to-do list to the deadline reminder blinking on your phone and you break out into a cold sweat. You keep muttering how you wish there was two of you.

There can be! You can hire out some of your work, just as your company does, and meet your deadlines. You just have to make sure the person you hire is skilled, knowledgeable, and isn’t happy until you’re happy. Lucky for you, I am one such freelancer. Don’t hire someone just because they are the cheapest; hire someone who is going to exceed your needs.

Peace of Mind

When you hire a professional it lets you rest easy knowing that the job is going to be completed on time and done right. There’s no stressing about deadlines or issues with the quality; just a job well done and on time. Don’t lie awake at night thinking about all the work you have to get done tomorrow; hire it out to a freelancer instead!

Better Quality Work

Maybe you’ve been tasked with something outside of your wheel house. Maybe you’re more of a math person but your boss wants you to help write the monthly newsletter or send a professional email to a potential new client. If you aren’t confident in your writing, don’t sweat – hire me to write it instead! Let someone else give you the confidence to hit “send” knowing that it’s going to be professional and high quality.

You Need a Second Set of Eyes

People generally don’t understand the value of proofreading until someone points out several mistakes in an email that was sent out to the entire company. Or when a client asks why there are so many misspelled words in their proposal. Mistakes like this make you look less professional and educated and it will cost you clients and your reputation. Even if you’re happy with what you’ve written, it never hurts to have someone else proofread it. Hire me today and take the guesswork out!

Hiring a quality freelance writer saves you time, stress, and money and helps improve your work. There is no better way to improve your own writing or subbing your work out than by hiring a fast professional writer to meet all your needs. I am currently accepting submissions for all writing projects. Visit www.writenowfl.com today to see why I’m the perfect fit for your needs!

Academic, Professional, and Creative Writing Needs Done Right, Write Now!

As David Coverdale once said, “Here I go again on my own!” I am now a full-time freelancer and available for any writing project you have. I have experience in academic research papers, professional writing, and creative writing.

Most recently I have written two senior-level academic papers and proofread and edited training templates for a non-profit. I also have experience in the following services:

  • resume writing
  • proofreading & editing
  • emails, newsletters, and flier creation
  • SEO content writing
  • blog posting
  • And more!

To see my creative writing skills a sample of my 2nd draft can be found on Wattpad.
I have received a few great reviews from recent clients if you are still on fence. They’re over on Thumbtack.

Finally for all of my information, including pricing, visit my website. I am available immediately to tackle any project you have, and I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. I do not quit until I have it the way you need it and I am very fair in what I charge. Don’t write it alone and don’t hit send until I look at it first! Go to www.writenowfl.com today!


4 Things to Know About Freelancers (Like Me)


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As you know recently I’ve really been pursuing freelance writing through my company Write Now (and I love every minute of it). But looking around I feel like there’s still a lot of misconceptions about freelancing and freelancers, especially in regards to the writing field. I know it’s a little weird to read a job post where someone like myself is offering to proofread for you. The knee jerk reaction there is “it’s just looking for typos. I can do that myself”. Yes. Yes you can. But you know what? You will never see things as objectively as a second set of eyes. So today I want to tell you about four things involving the freelance process.

1) There’s a lot of competition.

  It seems everyone and their brother is a freelancer nowadays. And it’s honestly refreshing; in a way it’s like the good ol’ days where everyone used a local service provider rather than a major company for everything. It keeps prices competitive and it gives you the client a better variety than hiring someone in-house and being stuck with them if they aren’t quite what you were looking for.

I recently found a client who asked if I was willing to provide a little further revision even though we’re past the due date, as well as do more work for her. I told her I would be thrilled to because I prefer to find a client that I like and keep them happy rather than hunt down a new lead. She loved my honesty and she can’t wait to send more work my way Wednesday.

2) You get what you pay for.

The downside of a bustling online freelance market is many clients want to pay the cheapest possible price. I understand that; working online there’s no travel costs. There’s no discussing things over a lunch or a cup of coffee. There are no physical inventory items being chewed up as it’s all typed out on a laptop. There are plenty of ways we cut costs doing what we do.

However, there are also a lot of freelancers from overseas who took an introductory English course and are offering to write your big academic research paper for $2. I’ve seen it time and time again where the client has already paid to have it written and then has to hire someone else like me to fix several pages worth of information. And the client is upset and angry because they are essentially paying twice to have the same paper written. Do yourself a favor, find someone professional who charges a fair price and use them. Someone like me who is a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s and lots of experience writing. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache later.

3) It’s a little intimidating at first.

You are discussing a job and pricing with a complete stranger via email. You are sending over documents/resumes/papers/manuscripts to someone you don’t even see, and I’m telling you how much it’s going to cost. Yeah, there’s a certain degree of anxiety on both sides that goes into discussing projects with potential clients.

It doesn’t have to be scary though. If you find someone who knows what they’re doing they will not only understand your needs but know approximately how long it will take to complete. I make sure both parties involved sign a dated agreement just to cover both of us. A good freelancer isn’t concerned with coming out on top, they’re concerned with developing a new business relationship.

4) Know what you want.

Nothing is more frustrating to both sides than when I give a price and begin work only to have the client tell me that they either got the project mixed up with another or the scope suddenly changed on them or they just simply felt like changing it. Prices were discussed, work was started, and now we’re both annoyed.

A good freelancer will keep his cool and roll with the punches. A good client will understand why they would need to adjust the price. Open and honest communication is key to making sure both sides get what they want.

I am now taking project submissions.

I have experience in writing academic research papers, proofreading and rewriting resumes, emails, and fliers, and rewriting training templates. I offer my services for academics, professionals, and creative writers. I am working on a novel of my own and I understand the writing and editing process. I am experienced in all three areas and I would love to write for you today! Visit www.writenowfl.com today and send me your projects. I offer fast professional work at competitive prices.