Keep Traveling, Good Buddies!

I keep forgetting to update everyone with my latest travel articles, mostly because I don’t get notifications when they go live (it’s for a client, not my own personal blogging space). But if you love traveling, you may find these helpful:

Ben &¬†Jerry’s Factory Tour

See where the magic happens, and on most days, on-site ice cream creation. Plus you get taste samples, a gift shop, and an ice cream shop. If you love ice cream and/or factory tours, check it out.


Hello, Dolly! Thrill rides, live music, American history, and maybe even an appearance from the country music goddess herself. Family fun, entertainment offerings, rides for everyone, and more, all from idyllic Pigeon Forge, TN.


5 Free Things to do in Houston

Big city living on a budget. There’s a surprising amount of things you can do in Houston without dropping a single cent.

Dahlonega, GA

Classic small town charm, rich U.S. historical offerings, and posh area attractions such as wineries, dining options, and gorgeous views.

If you’ve missed my past postings, first of all shame on you. Two, rectify your mistakes and check out my archived posts:

Drive the Nation

Hotel Coupons

Be on the lookout for more articles as well! And if you’d like to contact me about posting on your blog/site, feel free to contact me.